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Backgammon Overview

Backgammon and better than ever! Easy to play but hard to master, put your skills to the test in one of history’s oldest and most celebrated board games.

How to Play Backgammon

Backgammon is a fun game of strategy that has been played for thousands of years. Backgammon has two players compete to see who can remove all of their checkers from the board first. Take runs rolling dice to see how many spaces you can move each of your checkers, with the goal being to bring them all to the player’s home quadrant. A player cannot move a checker to a point that has two or more opposing checkers on it. If a player moves a checker to a space with a single opposing checker on it, the opposing checker is placed on the central bar and must be moved back into play before any other moves can be made. You must bring all of your checkers home and get them off of the board before your opponent in order to win the game!